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The Oppo A15 Camera Review

The Oppo A15 Camera Review


The Oppo A15 smartphone is the latest offering from the mobile manufacturing company, Oppo. With its powerful chipset, the handset manages to combine a high-end processor with high-speed RAM and large memory to give you high quality performance every time. If you are thinking of buying an Oppo A15, read this OPPO A15 review so that you get an idea of what this handset has to offer.

OPPO A15 Review: An Unbiased Headset Review On the Oppo A15 we have performed a thorough test on all its facilities and functions, and we have come up with this OPPO A15 mobile review as our conclusive verdict. The Oppo A15 features a sleek metal body that compliments its metallic underpinnings and glossy screen that looks sharp and crisp. For a start, the A15 runs on a dual-core processor from Samsung that gives it the capacity to perform with a speed that is unmatched by any other smartphone in the market. Even though it has the latest processor on board, it does not compromise with the quality of the sound produced by the speaker, and the dual-megapixel camera with sufficient capacity to capture clear pictures also helps to make the device more attractive to buyers.

The OPPO A15 features a neat layout and an easy user interface that makes it the perfect gadget for budding travelers. For a start, the handset’s navigation key offers you three options – familiar ones including the global dial out, familiar ones for calls and SMS, and the one you need when connecting to the internet. Even though it lacks any notification LED, the OPPO A15 can be used for making VoIP calls. This is because the phone comes with a free Voice Over IP (VOIP) card, a feature that is especially helpful for travelers since they are required to carry with them a phone that can make calls over the data network. The OPPO A15 can also be used as an all in one device, which can be great for business people who want to keep in touch with their colleagues even while they are travelling. The OPPO A series even features a preinstalled office suite called the Workspace Pro, a productivity suite that includes Microsoft Office installed on it, and this can come in handy if you want to work on your laptop in peace.

In addition to these great features, the OPPO A15 features some solid hardware and comes loaded with four big memory cards that can easily store hundreds of music and videos, along with dozens of data cables that allow you to connect your device to the internet through Wi-Fi or GPRS. The Oppo A series also features a micro SD card that will support memory expansion, a nice option if you intend to use your smartphone as a video camera or want to transfer a lot of media between your device and other mobile devices. All in all, this is a great phone that manages to combine a decent camera and a big screen in a smartphone design, with all of the features you would expect from such a phone. If you are planning to buy the Oppo A series from online retailers, you should know that the release date for this model has not yet been announced. Check out our reviews of some of the other smartphones in the A family to see which handset might be best for you.

Despite its high end design, the Oppo A15 comes at a price that is remarkably affordable. It is available for as low as $400, which is an amazing price for such a big and powerful handset. The low price tag comes from the fact that the smartphone comes with so many preloaded apps, allowing you to enjoy the hundreds of applications that are preinstalled on the device. A lot of these apps add greatly to the efficiency of the device, allowing you to quickly search for whatever you are looking for, and then enjoying your media without having to wait for a movie theatre, or download a app to watch it.

Like many of the Oppo A series phones, the Oppo A15 also sports a nice and big front LED flash, allowing it to offer a clear image when used. The front LED flash makes this handset one of the most unique on the market. You can expect plenty of bright images once you download and install the Android Software goodies that come included on this handset. The OPPO A series also offers excellent battery life, and with regular use, you can expect up to two days of heavy usage from just one charging source. The battery life, coupled with the high spec screen, make this phone perfect for anyone who wants a modern smartphone that gives the maximum performance.

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